White Bellied Sea Eagle – The Wadalba Warrior

What a Magnificent Bird!


This is the Wadalba Warrior.

A bird that has gained the admiration of a town. A town called Wadalba.

Wadalba it located in the Central Coast of New South Wales Australia and is the home of this magnificent bird.

White Bellied Sea Eagle

White Bellied Sea Eagle

The artist painted this sea eagle (copied from a photo on the white bellied sea eagle site on the internet) the reason for this water-colour painting is because there has been a battle over a housing development project on southern Wadalba Hill on the Central Coast of NSW.
There is a white bellied sea eagles nest on a tree at the edge of a clear felled forest. The chicks were inside and the site was clear felled nearly up to the tree.
The parents have been back every day to feed the chicks despite the clearing and destruction going on nearby. There is an international protection agreement between China/Korea and Australia for this beautiful eagle. For years these eagles have been nesting at Wadalba Hill.
A community environmental group calling themselves “Camp Eagles Nest” have been camping at the bottom of the hill nearby at the side of John’s Road for several months to gather signatures to save the eagle’s nesting tree.
So far they have been successful.
Painting By Margaret O’Toole

Introducing Megan Hitchens Artist

Megan is an experienced and talented artist.

We are excited to present an array of her painting works, showing the wide pallet of experience she has in the areas she does.

A copy of a Waterhouse Painting

Circe” a copy

This is a copy of a Waterhouse painting, Circe, which Megan painted and entered into the Fab Fakes Competition.
Following is a slide show of more of her works.

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As she is a very versatile artist she may be interested in commissions to do special works.Megan also is extremely creative in the crafts. We are looking forward to showing some of these works in the future.
To contact Megan for any special works just leave a comment on this blog.


Habitat Association

The Galah or Cacatua roseicapilla, is a very common bird throughout Australia. It is an elegant bird standing between 34 and 38 cm tall. With a soft pink breast and grey wings the colour of ash, they can often be seen to changing colour when traveling together in flight.

Their natural habitat is grassland, woodland, scrubland and farmland. However, it is not common to see these birds in urban areas and even in the City. They are a nomadic species, but will not go too far from water.

Margaret has depicted her Galah in the woodlands. New South Wales has large expanses of woodlands, both east and west of the Great Divide.

On the Central Coast where Margaret lives, Galahs are a fairly common sight, especially in the spring. Often they are seen on grass reserves near the estuaries and lakes foraging for grass seeds in spring’s golden…

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Habitat Association

Another watercolour from our member artist Margaret O’Toole.

This painting is of the sleepy Central Coast locality of Buff Point. The painting is of a view looking across Budgewoi Lake from the Toukley Bridge. Normally with this view one wouldn’t pick up the diversity of colour Margaret has found in this depiction of the landscape across the lake.

The northern part of the Central Coast in New South Wales is a beautiful and restful place with several saltwater lakes, although shallow, provide good vistas and excellent boating in sheltered waters.

I remember one still morning taking my own boat across from the far shore in the painting, south past the bridge and to the opening of the Wyong River, twice the distance again from Buff Point to the Bridge. On this morning the water was like glass and the boat was on the plane breaking the stillness of…

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Habitat Association

Yet another artwork by one of our Habitat artists,

Mararet Ellem (O’Toole) has painted a lifelike watercolour of the Eastern Rosella.

The Eastern Rosella is often seen in the Sydney regions of New South WalesAustralia.

You can see these birds foregoing in trees in this area. Margaret probably found this one near her home on the Central Coast of NSW.

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