Birds of a Feather

These are four recent paintings by Margaret O’Tool.

These paintings were painted during 2016 and depict some of the bird she sees regularly as she walks on some of the beautiful walking paths close to her home on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

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South American Toucan

There are about 40 species of Toucan. They can be as big as 24 inches or as small as only 7 inches. They have short thick necks and their becks are large and have serrated edges to tear of pieces of large fruits. They also like berries. Small bird and lizards also are part of their diet.

Ecologist say that they are important to the rain forests because they help spread seeds throughout the forest.

South American Toucan

South American Toucan

This is a water-color painting by Margaret O’Toole.

The artist says she saw many of these beautifully colored birds during her visit to Honduras as their habitat extends to Central America.

Written by David Holland

Baby Bilby

Also called the rabbit eared bandicoot.

Bilby Watercolour by Margaret O'Toole

Bilby Watercolour by Margaret O’Toole

It has silky blue-grey fur, a long white-tipped tail and is about the same size as a rabbit. It moves with a graceful gait holding its tail high like a banner.

Bilbies are found in the deserts of central and western Australia. They escape the heat of the day in deep cool burrows which they dig with their powerful front feet. They come out at night to feed on insects, seeds and small fruit.

Watercolour – 2015 and text

by Margaret O’Toole

White Bellied Sea Eagle – The Wadalba Warrior

What a Magnificent Bird!


This is the Wadalba Warrior.

A bird that has gained the admiration of a town. A town called Wadalba.

Wadalba it located in the Central Coast of New South Wales Australia and is the home of this magnificent bird.

White Bellied Sea Eagle

White Bellied Sea Eagle

The artist painted this sea eagle (copied from a photo on the white bellied sea eagle site on the internet) the reason for this water-colour painting is because there has been a battle over a housing development project on southern Wadalba Hill on the Central Coast of NSW.
There is a white bellied sea eagles nest on a tree at the edge of a clear felled forest. The chicks were inside and the site was clear felled nearly up to the tree.
The parents have been back every day to feed the chicks despite the clearing and destruction going on nearby. There is an international protection agreement between China/Korea and Australia for this beautiful eagle. For years these eagles have been nesting at Wadalba Hill.
A community environmental group calling themselves “Camp Eagles Nest” have been camping at the bottom of the hill nearby at the side of John’s Road for several months to gather signatures to save the eagle’s nesting tree.
So far they have been successful.
Painting By Margaret O’Toole

The Long remembered Pet collection by Margaret OToole

When I saw these pets Margaret had lovingly painted I was unperturbed. But on closer study of the paintings I realised that she had captured to essence of the pet she had painted.

Many of these pets she has painted are family pets of a son or friend and Margaret has known these animals for some time in some cases. Some of these pets have died since she painted them. Some are very old and you can see this in their eyes and posture.


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Hope you see these paintings throughout the eye of the artists.

Written by David Holland

Megan Hitchens at the Choose yourself exhibition

This exclusive exhibition of fine art is for only 8 artists, giving them the opportunity to show their unique works. Megan has used a drawing style for these two drawing called the  Zentangle drawing method. For more information about this style see the link

Choose-Yourself-Flyer   T6


cipher 2

The Exhibition flyer for the time and place is available on the following link. Click to view or reproduce for your friends: Choose-Yourself-Flyer

Margaret O’Toole’s Cute and dangerous Australian Wildlife Collection

These are just a taste of the wonderful watercolours Margaret has been producing lately.

What a wonder of expressions.

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Margaret would like to acknowledge a Photograph by Vivien Jones that was in the Australian Geographic Magazine Issue 95 July- Sept 2009 which was the inspiration for the style of the grey faced flying fox water-colour.

These are some of just a few of the watercolours planed to be published in a book still in its planning and design stages where Margaret is co-author with Ray Rauscher.

The book will be called “Life lines” containing Margaret’s paintings accompanied by poetry from Ray Rauscher’s collection.

Some of Ray’s Poetry can be viewed at Habitat Association’s Poet’s Corner



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