White Bellied Sea Eagle – The Wadalba Warrior

What a Magnificent Bird!


This is the Wadalba Warrior.

A bird that has gained the admiration of a town. A town called Wadalba.

Wadalba it located in the Central Coast of New South Wales Australia and is the home of this magnificent bird.

White Bellied Sea Eagle

White Bellied Sea Eagle

The artist painted this sea eagle (copied fromĀ a photo on the white bellied sea eagle site on the internet) the reason for this water-colour painting is because there has been a battle over a housing development project on southern Wadalba Hill on the Central Coast of NSW.
There is a white bellied sea eagles nest on a tree at the edge of a clear felled forest. The chicks were inside and the site was clear felled nearly up to the tree.
The parents have been back every day to feed the chicks despite the clearing and destruction going on nearby. There is an international protection agreement between China/Korea and Australia for this beautiful eagle. For years these eagles have been nesting at Wadalba Hill.
A community environmental group calling themselves “Camp Eagles Nest” have been camping at the bottom of the hill nearby at the side of John’s Road for several months to gather signatures to save the eagle’s nesting tree.
So far they have been successful.
Painting By Margaret O’Toole