Introducing Yuri O’Donnell, Artist

Yuri is an incredible artist. She is originally from Japan, but after marrying an Irish University Lecturer she became interested in painting.

Her Husband saw her interest and sponsored her to study painting. Over the years she has sold many of her works.

After her husband died she stopped painting, to all our loss.

I bought these fantastic works when she was cleaning out her house before she was moving from the family home.

She traveled extensively with her husband and these travels can be seen in her paintings. Although she was based in Australia and her husband lectured for a time at the Australian National University in Canberra some of her works show many scenes of the United States of America and Japan. I have none of these but only one of her paintings from Ireland. Since she lived in Canberra for a time, some of the scenes are from the southern highlands around Tumut while others are from northern New South Wales a state of Australia.

Below is a slide show of some of the scenes she has painted:

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Written by David Holland



Introducing Megan Hitchens Artist

Megan is an experienced and talented artist.

We are excited to present an array of her painting works, showing the wide pallet of experience she has in the areas she does.

A copy of a Waterhouse Painting

Circe” a copy

This is a copy of a Waterhouse painting, Circe, which Megan painted and entered into the Fab Fakes Competition.
Following is a slide show of more of her works.

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As she is a very versatile artist she may be interested in commissions to do special works.Megan also is extremely creative in the crafts. We are looking forward to showing some of these works in the future.
To contact Megan for any special works just leave a comment on this blog.